Digital Feature Presentation

About Digital Feature Presentation software for your website

autoEbiz's Digital Feature Presentation for Dealers was designed to support the unique needs of businesses, and it's loaded with features that make it easy to create powerful, professional video in minutes.
Cinematic Artificial Intelligence

Insert product information or marketing messaging into your DFP videos. Not boring caption-like text - but rather text the way it's done in TV and film.

Incredibly fast turnarounds

This is the type of stuff that usually takes hours if not days - if you know what you're doing. With our DPF technology, it takes just a few minutes allowing you to focus on other important aspects of your work and business.
Share with ease

Animoto makes it embarrassingly easy to share your videos. Share via email. Post or embed to your blog, website, etc. Download to your computer. Upload to YouTube. Send to your iPhone. Download and burn DVD-quality video to DVD.

Call-to-action button

Add a custom "Call to Action" button at the end of your videos. This optional feature turns an Animoto video from a passive viewing experience into an active marketing tool for lead generation. For example, you can create a button to "inquire about rates" that links to your appointment page, or "learn more" that links to your website.

Note: the "Call to Action" button works only with the Animoto embed code. It won't appear in downloaded videos, and won't link to your site if you export a video to YouTube.

Unlimited DVD-quality videos

Create, download and burn as many DVD-quality videos as you like. Give these to clients as gifts or resell them.

Commercially licensed music library

At no extra charge, a DFP account gives you access to a library of 200+ commercially-licensed songs. Including Top 40/pop, Indie Rock, Electronica, Singer/Songwriter, Latin, Jazz, Classical, our robust music library lets you set the perfect mood for each and every video.

Spotlight feature

Spotlight lets you give specific image added prominence and screen time in your video. Perfect for New, Used Specials and/or promotions that need extra attention.

Cover screen

Select the perfect image for the cover of your video. When posting your video to your website, blog, or sharing via email or social networking sites, your video is engaging before anyone even hits play.

Ability to remove Music-Video-Style Credits

Now you can have your video totally free of the credits that appear in the lower-left at the end of the video. Opt out of having the video's name, the song information & your producer name, and instead create a less cluttered conclusion to your video.

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